With online casinos springing from day to day, the number of gamblers taking part in internet gambling will continue to grow.

In online Casino gamblers zone we will give you a complete review of all casino games rules. For any bingers or for anyone who wants to know more about the rules of online casino games.

When you hesimplegamble.comar the phrase 'Virtual Gambling,' they are referring to gambling online. Internet casino games are popping up everywhere. They have made your favorite games available to you from anywhere you have internet access. The games are exactly the same. The only thing that you are missing is the hassle of getting to the casino and the cocktail waitress bringing you drinks.

Gambling online is one of the more popular activities being conducted in the internet. It is not only fun and exciting but profitable as well.

Gambling online on a particular online casino gambling website can similarly entitle a player to a online casino bonus.

This is one way by which online casinos lure players to keep coming back in their site and play online poker or internet blackjack.

There is no misgiving that online casinos offer the biggest chance to make money. Aside from the immediate winnings, casinos online provide other means of earning money.

One can become a casino associate. Members of a certain casino can refer another person to the online casino website for a chance to earn some credit.

The legalization of gambling industry there was an evident increase in number of women who gambled.

Earlier women were not supposed to indulge into male dominated areas like gambling and if any female did get involved in gambling she had to hide this fact from others.

Invention of playing cards gave a further boost to augment women's participation in gambling.

Earlier when women accompanied men to casinos they would probably just laze around but gradually women started participating in active gambling.




April 2004, the new Remote Gaming Regulations penetrated into force. If under the preceding regulations, only online gambling companies could be established, the new Regulations provide for a complete list of licenses for remote gaming that may be obtained in Malta.

Until recently Malta’s legislation only permitted online betting offices to operate.

The Remote Gaming Regulations 2004 now offers 4 classes of Remote Gaming Licenses;

  • Remote Gaming License shall be a remote gaming license,
  • Remote Gaming License shall be a remote betting office license or a remote betting exchange office license,
  • Remote Gaming License shall be a license to promote or abet gaming from Malta and Class 4
  • Remote Gaming License shall be a license to host and manage remote gaming operators, excluding the licensee himself.

Malta's entry into the European Union has also played a very important in attracting remote gaming operators to Malta.

In a difficult present circumstances for online gaming supplier to the European market, when some countries greatly limit or forbid overall the stipulation of remote gaming from abroad, being recognized in Malta for an operator means that the freedoms in the EU internal market, in particular, the freedom to provide cross-border services within the EU, apply to such operator.

Once an application for a license is put forward and obligations are satisfied, a Malta company is incorporated and a license is issued in the name of the Malta Company.

The single feature of the Malta Company is its "onshore" status and once the shareholders are non-resident, very motivating tax benefits apply.

The casino game rules are already proving to be popular. In the past few months we have seen a keen interest from the interactive gaming industry in the Maltese gaming licenses.

The last few months have been particularly popular with operators of casino-type games, as a license to operate casinos is a new addition to the Malta licensing offer.

The Maltese Government has the objective of providing regulations that are competitive, safe for players, serious and more importantly not unnecessarily bureaucratic, ensuring vigorous protection for users of remote gaming and that would fit in with Malta's long-established and reputable financial services sector.

One can opt for a betting operation, a betting exchange, casino bets online, casino-type games, a lottery, a bingo - a license can be obtained for any of these operations.

Moreover, license for gaming platforms are also available. There are no limitations on a number of licenses under the Remote Gaming Regulations.




We are decided that casinos provide some great betting entertainment. Thanks to the wonders of technological advances and the innovation of the Internet, online casinos have become ever more winning since their implementation in the mid 1990s.

Today, there are thousands of online casino positions for enjoyment and online gambling out there in virtual space.

New players searching for an appropriate online casino sites will usually look into the issue of licensing at a particular site.

To many people, the matter of online casino licensing provides an indication of the standards of the casino.

There are those that consider that it implies to the player how seriously the online casino views the business.

Before placing money on the table, most players would like to receive some suggestion of assurance regarding the reliability and security of the online casino sites concerned.

An online gambling license may be attained from different governments worldwide. Various countries have dissimilar laws and rulings regarding the issue of online gambling.

It should be noted that several countries prohibit online gambling within their territories and most licensed online casinos take delivery of their licenses from offshore jurisdictions.

Antigua and Barbuda was one of the first such jurisdictions that issued licenses for online gambling operations.

Today, this is among the jurisdictions which host the largest numbers of online casinos on its books.

Another of the most common governments to issue such licenses for online gambling is Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is viewed as a supplier of one of the strictest licenses available, which suggests that online casinos with such a license will provide the player with a smooth and regulated operation.

A large number of online casino gamble places obtain the necessary license and permits from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission of Kahnawake, Indian reserve, Canada.